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Betcha wish you could reply to this.
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"Irrigation of the land with sewater [sic] desalinated by fusion power
is ancient. It's called 'rain'."
-- Michael McClary, in alt.fusion
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Ex-Presidents Bush, Clinton Play Golf
KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - Former Presidents Bush and Clinton teed off Tuesday for a round of golf on the second day of a get-together by the former political foes at Bush's summer home along the Maine coast.

Chatting briefly with reporters near the first tee at Cape Arundel Golf Club, Bush and Clinton said their friendly relationship should demonstrate to people at home and abroad that political rivalries need not stand in the way of personal friendship.

The two former presidents cemented their friendship earlier this year when the current
President Bush appointed them to head up fund-raising to assist victims of the Asian tsunami.

"We found that when we traveled abroad, people said this couldn't have happened in their country. The equivalent of a Republican and a Democrat — this never would happen. Well, it doesn't have to be that way," the elder Bush said.
(The Rest Of The Story)

I think this item just goes to show that there's really no difference between the two parties.
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Re-arranged Song Titles: A Poem, if you will )
Cut n' paste, slice n' dice, slash n' burn baby. Ow, my brane hurtz


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