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I grew up in an extremely W.A.S.P. home, my mother is a very repressed methodist and my father was a typical whacko southern baptist. They sent me to Catholic school for three years. So you can imagine I've been exposed to some pretty jurrassic concepts. In the interests of clearing some of this shit out of my head, I thought I'd post one. (Probably more to follow, this is just a start.) Also, this might be a peek inside that headspace for some of you, what those people who support Bush think.

Homosexuality. Fags, queers, homos. Men are unbelievably horny, women much less so. Now the ideal is a man dominating and owning a woman, but some guys just aren't up to the job. Sissies, or shy, or whatever. They just can't get a woman to submit to them or care for them. Sympathy doesn't count. That's what moms are for. So whatever the reason, they turn to other pathetic members of their gender to satisfy their overpowering urges. Real men can get women. Sissies can just get other sissies. That's why some men are queer. Because they don't measure up, can't obtain the ideal, which is a woman and a family. Like God intended.

Feel free to flame the living shit outta that concept. I just wanted it out of my head. I know it's a load of crap. Also, I'd like to know if anyone has come across it before.

Edit: Call me the Great Communicator for not making it painfully obvious, but that is NOT my opinion/belief. It's just something I learned/got taught but never adopted. Under duress I might add. So if I ever actually gave it any credit it was definately due to insanity.


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