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This is one ANGRY pussy.

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I say, this Bond fellow seems to be something of a milquetoast. He was unable to make love to the beautiful Solitaire because of a broken...pinky. Then again, he is british, so I suppose positions other than straight missionary haven't ocurred to him.

Also, I've been watching Arrested Development. Highly recommended.
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I, for one, welcome our new Dragon Lords.
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I say a-hey-hey-hey-HEY!
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Fox news is funnier than ever.
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I'm seeing a lot of hullaballoo about something the president said recently, "It's unacceptable to think", and while that is certainly outrageous, there's something else Mr. Bush said recently that had me blinking and nearly screaming OMGWTFDIDHEJUSTSAY. And that was when a reporter asked him how he would feel if say, Iran or North Korea were to capture American operatives, and decide to "reinterpret the geneva convention" and torture the living fuck out of them. I wish I knew where I'd seen it, (prolly the daily show), but holy fuck if G.W. didn't say something like "That'd be perfectly ok with me! As long as there's nothing ambiguous about it". Holee-shee-it. Our president, our commander-in-fucking-chief, would have no problem with another country deciding on their own what the Geneva Convention prohibited, or not, and treating those serving our country in as heinous a fashion as they felt like, as long as "there was a clear standard".

I seriously think Bush has zero clue what torture really is. If I had to guess, I'd think his mind works on this subject with a pretty hefty amount of hyperbole. Smacking someone isn't torture. Punching someone, that's just roughing'em up a little. Pulling their fingernails off? Pah! That's just pain, it's not Torture. Interrogation isn't supposed to be tea and toast and pretty please won't you tell us something.

Of course, it's easy to think that way when you've lived your entire life without ever having to worry about anyone even raising a fist in anger towards you. When you've never had to worry about physical harm at all. Funny how people who have, like Colin Powell and John McCain, disagree with him.

I'm much too jaded with all the things this jackass has gotten away with to think our country will do what's right and throw Mr. Bush and his cronies out in disgrace. But there is a little flicker of hope that maybe, just maybe, this will be what gets the country to realize how far down a road we don't want to travel this gutless fortunate son has taken us.
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I don't think "from the creators of White Chicks" is a good selling point.

The Olsen twins were f'ugly babies man.


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