Hmm, this could actually work #4

Oct. 21st, 2017 02:27 am
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Finally got various shipments. Base liquid (50/50), nicotine (100mg/ml), various aromas and paraphernalia.

Playing around with this stuff is actually fun - a milli-litre of this, 10 ml of that, hmm, maybe 3 drops of #3... shake well, wait 2-3 days, try. Oh, and being able to achieve sensible levels of nicotine (the EU has made this impractical, if not outright impossible (google "TPD2"), but there's webshops that just don't care, so I've now got reserves to last me a couple years at least).

Currently on coffee+vanilla+cinnamon. Though not even close to beating the professionals (mm, creamy vanilla pudding).

Also, for the lulz or whatever: SWMBO (who quit smoking nearly a year ago) has now required me to vape in the living room, because she likes the smell.

Hmm, this could actually work #3

Oct. 15th, 2017 08:59 pm
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Friday evening at a company event, I tried smoking a normal cigarette. Like inhaling an ashtray.

Hmm, this could actually work #2

Oct. 12th, 2017 11:27 pm
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Today is the first day in over 20 years (first in ~27, if I don't count a forced pause via hospital stay) that I didn't smoke even a single cigarette.

This feels strange.

Even stranger when I think that I did not buy this electric vapour-cloud-emitting gizmo to, y'know, quit smoking.
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I have an Android phone and tablet. The sound quality is eminently usable, and I have Skype to call people on!

How the arsing fuck do I record it?

There appears to be no standard option. Skype itself has no facility for recording calls. There are assorted extremely dodgy apps that claim to do the job, none of which I want to go near. I can Google for dodgy apps as well as you can — I’m not asking you to do a quick Google for me. What I want to know is — has anyone reading this done this personally, recording a Skype call? How do you do it? What do you use?

(Last time I did it on a Linux desktop — I had to run Audacity capturing the microphone and Audio Recorder capturing the speaker, then put the two recordings together. Hideous and stupid and I don't want to do that again.)

Hmm, this could actually work

Oct. 9th, 2017 07:06 am
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10 days ago I bought an electric cigarette. With which I do not have a bump-free ride up to now.
Some of the liquids are harsh on the throat, others on the lung, some work. Problem A is that each&every one that's ready-to-use (eg. contains nicotine) is harsh shite (probably because of a high propylene glycol (PG) content), problem B is that every liquid I have that's fine needs nicotine added as an afterthought.
Problem C is that I'm currently pretty much couch-bound with the flu, which includes a sore throat to boot, and prevents me from venturing out to aquire different liquids.

To add to this nice, problem-free experience, every liquid needs at least experimentation with different settings wrt.temperature, and probably one should test it with different heating coils, too.

So, in essence, some days work out fine, and I get by with 1-3 tobacco cigarettes (which, apart from the first one in the morning, taste like ash). Others this doesn't work at all.

Oh, and I managed to trip the smoke detector in the working room a couple times now. Guess I should switch to a different type of detector (CO/heat, methinks).


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