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(00:46:54) Anonymous: I was driving down the road with a friend
(00:46:58) Anonymous: and I was looking at this guy
(00:47:04) Anonymous: and the conversation went like this:
(00:47:13) Anonymous: me: oh, a guy (on the sidewalk)
(00:47:17) Anonymous: her: oh
(00:47:25) Anonymous: me: he's cute
(00:47:33) Anonymous: [we drive past him]
(00:47:39) Anonymous: me: oh shit, I've slept with him
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David Lynch fucking rules. But that's not what I wanna go into tonight. This is.


Ah, finally a zombie movie at the theater. And it was good. Gory, splattery, funky, all that goodness. And the zombies are starting to think!!! Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooose!!!!1!!1!one!1!!1!tilde!~~1!!

I had a teeth cleaning today, but I got out early and made it to the mall an hour ahead of when the movie started. So I just walked around for awhile.

John Leguizamo is brilliant, and had the bestest line of the whole movie:
John: "What's that??"
Dude: "Target practice."
"What's that?!? Screaming practice?"

I believe [livejournal.com profile] fever_head was wrongly credited as Asia Argento.

Very very good zombie movie, but I suppose you might not like it much if you don't go absolutely apeshit when you hear "zombies".

Oh, and Mullholland Drive and Lost Highway have utterly kicked my ass. Lynch is a genius and Naomi Watts has really nice tits. So does Patrica Arquette. I still prefer both as brunettes though.
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Holiday Inn Express and Geico really really REALLY need new schtick. For the love of god.

Oh, and does anyone else think this "employee pricing" for everyone is basically just saying "fuck you" to the employees?


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