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2012-11-23 04:31 pm

Haha #194

A lawyer will tell you never to give a ring for Christmas or a birthday because you can't get it back if the engagement falls apart. A romantic will tell you not to do it because it doesn't make a separate special day. A romantic lawyer will ERROR: Null or not an object
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2012-08-17 06:00 pm

Immutable Laws of the Universe #12

If there is a side you can see, and a side you cannot, the latter will always be orders of magnitude more disgusting than the former.
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2012-06-01 01:01 am

Yippee #12

I just picked up my mug to see if it had any water in it, and was expecting it didn't and that I'd have to go refill it, but it did and then I did a little dance in my head that I didn't have to get up.
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2012-01-07 11:27 pm

I Was Reminded #59

I caught a couple minutes of the Empire Strikes Back on some tv channel or another the other night. The scene with Vader talking to the hologram of the Emperor, and it was...different. That reminded me that I have never seen the refuckulated versions of Empire or Jedi.
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2011-08-15 10:04 pm

Huh #65,340,285

I'm hanging out at a neighbors, and the Weird Guy comes out and asks me "What's the matter with you?" He's never what I'd call anywhere in the remote vicinity of a full deck, so it doesn't bother me. Me and other neighbor friend go in and smoke a bowl. We come out to hang and the weird guy comes out again, and asks him to call a BJ's in Pinellas and get him a price on a Toyo...Toyot...

"Dude, you can't drive!"
"What makes you think I can't?"
"You ain't got a license dude!"
"Yeah I do!"
"Where? I ain't never seen one."
"It's in a parking garage in New Jersey. It's a boat license. I own the Valdez. I own the reactor on the Valdez."

Now, imagine the crazy guy sounding exactly like Buffalo Bull from Silence of the Lambs.
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2011-07-04 10:02 pm

Musings #86

So I'm finishing up with Return of the Jedi[1] and I'm wondering what would Plan B have been if Luke hadn't been able to get his lightsaber from R2 due to the highly likely event R2, being a new droid "gift" from the very person he's trying to execute, had not been on the barge.

Also, when Luke & Leia hijack the forest speederbike thingy, he tells her to "jamm their comm, center switch". Because yeah, jamming your own side's communications is so important there's a switch for it.

The Emperor is so damn bad ass.

[1] Which really ought to be Revenge of the Jedi[2], screw your dumbass "high road" morality George.
[2] Which in turn would have freed the much more appropriate Return of the Sith for Episode I.
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2011-07-01 06:00 pm

Musings #85

Accidentally caught a few minutes of Revenge of the Sith the other night, so I'm watching Star Wars (no damn episode #, hell yeah), and I'm convinced Leia got all her genes from Vader and Luke got stuck with Padme's.

Found my cup! )

Fuzzy critter type thing )
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2011-06-12 09:38 am

Cattes #29

Mr Paws has brought me his second kill in as many days. Hopefully my car will stop getting shit on quite so much!
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2011-05-17 06:25 am

STS #134

My boogers are in space for the last time. Sad face.
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2011-03-05 04:20 pm

Oops #4

I guess I have to use the webpage to crosspost to LJ.
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2011-02-26 07:47 pm

Test #0

Testing something, move along.
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2011-02-21 09:15 pm

Yarrr #34

I forgot to watch a tv show tonight, and...I had it d/l'ed not half an hour after it had finished airing. I am truly living in the future.