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Global warming. I've seen quite a few people claim this is a scientific certainty, and I'd like to know why. What's certain? That the planet is getting warmer? Or that it's our fault? The former seems much more provable than the latter.

Mark Foley is not a pedophile dammit, and anyone saying so is just trying to tar him with an unequivocally evil brush for emotional impact. He's a pederast, which our society deems immoral and wrong, but it's not an absolute moral evil. So quit freaking the fuck out about it like he's some kind of creepy sexual predator. If he didn't actually have, you know, OMG SEX with anyone under the age of 18, I frankly don't see anything illegal at all in this situation. Unethical sure, but nowhere near as bad as oh, I dunno...ramming an agenda of war down the throat of America. But still, gay republican LOL. I love that he's said he was molestered as a teen, as if to imply to his fellow moral republicans that it tormented him so much he ended up LIKING it.

And while I'm thinking about sleazy horndog politicians, can we stop this "can someone give Bush a bj so we can get rid of him" bullshit already? It's not funny. It's not even mildly amusing. There are two reasons for this. First, Clinton wasn't impeached because he got oral sex. Second, and this what really makes my eyes roll and think oh jesus is this stupid as shit, WE DIDN'T FUCKING GET RID OF CLINTON EITHER. So stop making me think you're a retarded second grader when you say that, ok?

Ununoctium, who0t. We're getting closer and closer to Unobtainium! We'll be warpin' round the galaxy before you know it.

Iran claims its nuclear energy program is purely for peaceful reasons, which everyone seems to laugh at, because OMGZ THEY HAVE SHIT TONS OF OIL, but it occurs to me that excuse does have a leg to stand on. The more energy they get from other sources, the more oil they'll have to sell. Which means more money in the coffers. Of course, nuclear weapons have their own perks, such as allowing you to be a vital ally in the war on terror despite supporting the very sorts of things which enable that terror. Without their nukes, does anyone really believe Pakistan wouldn't be a stone age paradise like Afghanistan right now?

This day in history LOLZ: 1978 - President Jimmy Carter signed a bill restoring U.S. citizenship to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, thus proving that a current status of "alive" is not necessary for US citizenship.


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