That's a *nice* one, Finnair!

May. 25th, 2017 12:29 am
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Checking in for a flight, a couple days ago. For 9 people. Choose seats. Sensible layout found (eg. noone of the grouo sits alone), "confirm".
Reset to start. 4/9 sit alone, filling gaps.
Lather, rinse, repeat. Same result.
Plane looks half-empty, though.
Try on a different device.
Same result.
User thinks, "what the hell, first of all: we need to fly" and clicks "ok".

I disagreed. I'm too .. substantial to sit between other folks. Aisle or window, no problem. But not between other people. So I interfere. Change my seat to window, one row further to the front. No problem. I print my boarding pass.
Communication ensues. I click around and get sensible seats for everyone (eg. noone sits alone).

We do a little digging.

Oh, it's only iDevices that get shitcanned - regardless of browser. 'droids? Fine! WinDOS? Fine. LeeGNUnix? Fine! Even on Crackberry: fine! (Set the User-Agent to ""Fuck you sideways, with a 2x4": fine!)

Couldn't happen to more deserving folks. I'm perfectly OK with this concept.

Vehicles? What vehicles?

May. 18th, 2017 12:15 am
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Last week, Tuesday, the bicycle stayed in the shop, for reasons of getting its steering fixed and a new rear deraillleur. Should've been ready by Friday. Well, on Saturday it still wasn't - delivery problems with the derailleur, should arrive Tuesday. Called today, still not ready. Customer pretty much pissed off.

Brought the car to the mech this Monday, for reasons of summer tires and small repairs (one windscreen-washer-outlet b0rken, mount for the emergency triangle b0rken). Got it back yesterday. Oh, hey, party @mech today. Cool. On the way there something in the front suspension (or with the axle mounts/cuffs) started to loudly creak, so we just left it there.

And the SOs motorbike needs a new battery (actually already in my backpack, just need to fill & charge it).

But sum of actually working vehicles in this household: zero.

(For Friday, I plan on at least waking the toys from winter slumber.)


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